Element 36

Element 36 is a punk rock band that started in Brockport High School that all started because of a failed band consisting of six people. The band broke up and Element 36 was formed. The band consists of Zach Marshall on the bass, Nate Riexinger on the drums, and Tre Jones on lead guitar and vocals. Each member comes from a different background and each member has had their struggles in life and they like to use their differences to show how music can bring people together from all different walks of life. The mission of Element 36 is to bring a diverse crowd together under the same roof. Because the band not only plays Christian music, they also play punk rock, indie, and rock music, they have a larger platform to attract more people for their concerts and hopefully it will lead to people getting saved. The drummer Nate says “when it comes to writing music, we like to not necessarily write Christian music. It’s stuff you can jam out to but if you played it in front of your mom then… you won’t be scolded!” 
The atmosphere that Element 36 makes is a light and fun one that can only bring smiles and laughs. Definitely a show you need to be there for.